Articulating Boom Lifts are divided into two types: engine drive and electric drive, with maximum working height of 16 m to 19 m. The main components are all from world-class brands. Products have merits such as strong ability of reach up and over objects, powerful engine, convenient operation, safety, reliability and good quality. Engine powered boom lifts have the characteristics of strong terrainability and is suitable for outdoor complex work environment ; our electric powered boom lifts is energy-saving, less noise, and lower emission, and is suitable for indoor work environment.

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GTBZ18A/GTBZ16A (Motor drive)
Working height:  16.0 / 18.0m
Platform floor height:14.0 / 16.0m
Max weight:230kg

GTBZ18AE/GTBZ16AE (Battery drive)
Working height:  16.0 / 18.24m
Platform floor height:14.0 / 16.24m
Max weight:230kg

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Telescopic Boom Lifts, with maximum working heights of 16m to 43m, have passed the European CE security authentication. The main components are all from world-class brands. Product series has many advantages such as powerful engine, excellent performance, strong capacity, convenient operation, safety and reliability. With excellent quality, the products can be used in all kinds of bad working condition.

We have variety of access platforms depending on the type of usage:- 

  Scissor lift / x-lift         max working height 8 - 22 m
   Telescopic boomlift     max working height 14 - 43 m 
   Articulated boomlift     max working height 18 m
   Mast lift                       max working height 11.2 m
   Personal lift                 max working height 8-16 m

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